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ZINN CHAPTER 5: Part I -- pp. 76-88

Study Questions

1. What support did the Revolutionary War effort have among the colonial population?

2. What impact did slavery have on the war effort in the South?
3. What incentives did the Revolutionary War leaders use to attract recruits?

4. What was the American Navy’s position vis-à-vis impressment?

5. Why did Robert Morris’ plan to assuage the concerns of financial contributors to the Continental Congress anger the common soldier?

6. What was the British strategy concerning slavery in the South?
7. How is the general perception that the Revolution engendered the separation of church and state challenged by Zinn?

8. How did land confiscated from Loyalists reflect the Revolution’s effect on class relations?

9. How does Edmund S. Morgan’s summary of the class nature of the Revolution challenge the popular perception of the Revolution and its ideals? How does Richard Morris’ statement also challenge popular perception?

10. Explain Carl Degler’s assertion that "no new social class came to power throughout the door of the American revolution."

11. What was the impact of America’s victory on the Native Americans?

12. Explain Jennings’ statement: The Revolution was a "multiplicity of variously oppressed and exploited peoples who preyed upon each other."