For your success in AP U.S. History and AP European History.

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Period and Comprehensive Exams for the AP European History Redesign (plus original test bank from 2008):  $109.95 -Click to Buy-

  • Six new exams, each containing 55 multiple-choice questions, four Short Answer Questions, and four Long Essay Questions
      • Period 1 Exam: 1450-1648
      • Period 2 Exam: 1648-1815
      • Period 3 Exam: 1815 to 1914
      • Period 4 Exam: 1914 to the present
      • Comprehensive Exam 1 (also contains a DBQ)
      • Comprehensive Exam 2 (also includes a DBQ)
      • Bonus DBQ (Popular Culture)
  • All questions are written to the specifications outlined in the new AP European History Course and Exam Description!
  • Save yourself countless hours of time writing tests!
  • Exam questions can easily be cut and pasted so that you can create your own exams! 
  • Each exam includes answer keys and complete explanations in the back of the exam for each multiple-choice question!
  • Exams are only available for purchase by teachers.  (An e-mail originating from the teacher’s school e-mail address is necessary to purchase the notes. User names and passwords will only be e-mailed out after the teacher has been verified.)
  • Exams are downloadable and available in both PDF and Word formats!
In addition, you also get access to the entire bank of questions published in 2008 which includes:
  • 8 exams—580 questions in all—specially designed to assess specific content throughout the year.
  • Each exam includes answer keys and complete explanations in the back of the exam for each question. 
  • Exams include:
    • 1st Quarter Practice Exam (50 questions)
    • 1st Quarter Comprehensive Exam (50 questions)
    • 1st Semester Practice Exam (80 questions)
    • 1st Semester Comprensive Exam (80 questions)
    • 3rd Quarter Comprehensive Practice Exam (80 questions) 
    • 3rd Quarter Comprehensive Exam (80 questions)
    • Two Comprehensive exams (80 questions each)
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