U.S. History PowerPoint Lectures


AP U.S. History Redesigned PowerPoint Lectures

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Click Here to See an Abbreviated Sample: The Middle Colonies

  • 35 ready-to-go PowerPoint presentations mirror exactly the NEW HistorySage.com AP U.S. History Lecture REDESIGN Notes.
  • Save yourself hundreds of hours of preparation time with these PowerPoint presentations that are ready to "plug-and-play!"
  • Presentations are streamlined to present the new AP U.S. History curriculum clearly, effectively, and thematically.
  • Each presentation contains its own original and attractive historical visual theme that will impress your students--that means 35 different themes in all!
  • Presentations are easy to modify so that you can add your own images and text.
  • Each presentation contains objectives and/or themes to please your administrators and set the context for each subunit.
  • Presentations contain numerous images, photos, illustrations, graphic organizers, memory devices, and quotes to engage your students.
  • Other vendors charge between $50 and $100 for each sub-unit. Each HistorySage.com sub-unit costs on average only about $5!
  • These presentations have been over 10 years in the making!  When you see these presentations, you'll understand why!
  • Presentations are available immediately online for download!
  • First Semester Lecture Notes Redesign PowerPoints: $99.95
  • Second Semester Lecture Notes Redesign PowerPoints: $99.95
  • Full Course Lecture Notes PowerPoints $179.95 (save 10%)

Click Here to See an Abbreviated Sample: The Middle Colonies



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